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Got a cool picture of an Coho Salmon you want to share??  Email it to us and we will add it!!  Please let us know who to credit the photo to.

Ontario Salmon Fishing


Coho Salmon

The Coho salmon was introduced to Ontario waters in the late 1800's.  In the 1960's they were stocked in large amounts and the permanent population became established.

Adults are steel - blue to slightly green on the back, gleaming silver on the sides, and white on the underbelly. There are little black spots on the back and sides right above the lateral line, on the base of the dorsal fin, and on the upper half of the caudal fin. Coho are different from the Chinook salmon and other salmon of the Ontario Great Lakes by having the inside of their teeth set in white coloured gums, their tail is slightly forked with many spots on the top half, and having 12-15 rays in thier anal fin.

The coho salmon is a tremendously popular fish for sportfishing found throughout the Great Lakes. It was the prime choice of the Pacific Salmons that were to be stocked in the widespread Great Lakes rehabilitation program of the 1960’s. This quickly growing, predatory fish was originally planted to assist in reducing the alewife population while also offering great angling to Great Lakes fishermen. The results of the stocking program are excellent, and Great Lakes salmon fishing is well-known the world over.

The Coho salmon stays for the most part in the cold deep waters of the great Lakes. It returns to shoreline tributaries and streams to spawn.

Coho Salmon 

Coho Salmon Spawning



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