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Lake sturgeon
Longnose gar
Atlantic salmon
Chinook salmon
Coho Salmon
Brown trout
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Brook trout
Aurora trout
Lake trout
Lake whitefish
Cisco or lake herring
White sucker
Channel catfish
Brown bullhead
Northern pike
Yellow perch
Smallmouth bass
Largemouth bass
White bass
Rock bass
Black crappie

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Ontario Fish Species

Few natural outdoor experiences can measure up to with angling in Ontario’s 250,000 lakes and the multitudes of pristine rivers and streams. Fishing is a much loved activity that the residents of Ontario and international visitors enjoy all year round.

Ontario has over 2,000 lakes that contain various species of trout, more than 3,500 lakes with walleye (pickerel) and over 400 lakes and rivers that are inhabited by muskie. Despite the wealth of Ontario's fisheries and angling resources, they are in demand by both residents and vistors alike.

Fish are a very important piece of the Ontario's renewable resource economy. Ontario's fishing opportunities maintain the sport fishing charters and tourism industry, as well as the commercial fishery industry. Over 1 million people enjoy angling in Ontario each and every year. More than $2.5 billion dollars is spent annually on fisheries and angling tourism related expenses.

The manager of these fisheries is the Ministry of Natural Resources who work to preserve strong fish communities so todays anglers and future generations will enjoy excellent fishing and tourism viewing opportunities.

This website is intended to educate you on the different species of fish that can be found in Ontario





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